About N Fellowship

N Fellowship is an exclusive 6 to 10 week summer program that matches 10 entrepreneurial and technically talented engineering students from top universities, with 10 CEOs of big and dynamic companies across the world, for a unique cross-mentorship experience designed to help students and leaders Navigate What’s Next.

We are searching for engineers with :

Strong Communication

You are a team player who tends to lead the pack, and you understand that diplomacy and listening are often the most important parts of effective communication.

Technical Competency

You have outstanding software engineering skills, as proven by your technical work experience and projects.

Innovative & Entrepreneurial Thinking

You are a questioner who pushes boundaries, and a problem-solver who sees things differently.

Maturity & International Outlook

You are mature and charismatic, and possess a global outlook on technological innovation.

The Role

Given the changeable and fast-paced nature of working with senior leadership, each role will be shaped by the relationship between a given N Fellow and CEO. The N Fellowship experience is not dictated by a list of pre-assigned tasks, but rather determined on a daily basis by each CEO’s schedule and priorities. Although applicants are required to have strong computer science backgrounds, N Fellows are not expected to code during the program.
N Fellows can expect to work on the following projects:

Shadow the CEO

N Fellows attend, assist in preparation of, and share feedback on meetings.

Propose New Approaches

N fellows leverage their outside perspective and technical background to propose solutions for business problems assigned to them by their CEOs (e.g. deep analysis of how to collect customer data more effectively and improve segment specific targeted sales).

Consult Internal Technical Projects

Review existing technical deployments and investigate possible improvements (e.g. provide extensive feedback on a recently contracted technical project to improve new user experience).

Share Insights on New Technologies

Inform the senior leadership on new technologies and how they can be utilized within their sector and company (e.g. brief C-level on AI and various use cases in their industry).

Dive into Company-Wide Data

Understand the ideal KPIs desired by top management; analyze whether these ideal metrics differ from current KPIs; if so dig into company-wide data and work with IT to improve the company data pipeline.

Ignite Innovation

Ideate means for a company to gain a competitive edge in said industry

Partner Companies

  • Amrop Portfolio

    Partner Companies are selected from amongst thousands of companies in Amrop’s portfolio across 50 countries.

  • Scale

    Partner companies are large and established, not start-ups, and usually with regional or global operations.

  • Dynamic

    Partner companies are on the innovation path and want to successfully navigate What’s next.

  • Visionary

    Partner CEOs are open-minded and forward looking; future-thinking leaders who recognize that tomorrow’s brightest idea might come from the most unlikely place.

  • Industry Variety

    Partner companies are in industries that range from consumer and retail, to energy and infrastructure, to technology and media, to financial and professional services. Companies may be in the early stages of disruption and innovation, and can benefit from an injection of new ideas.

N Fellowship is brought to you by a synergetic partnership between Nav Talent and Amrop


Nav Talent helps talented engineers and high-impact startups navigate the technical recruiting ecosystem. As a team of engineers, Nav Talent better understands the technical needs of startups and cares deeply about the career goals of candidates. Nav Talent exists to create long term relationships where passion, purpose, and talent come together.

Amrop advises the world’s most dynamic and agile organizations on identifying and positioning Leaders For What’s Next - adept at working across borders, in markets around the world. Established in 1977, Amrop operates in Asia, EMEA and the Americas in over 70 offices in more than 50 countries and is one of the world’s largest retained executive search partnerships.

Why Now

What's Next

The relentless pace of technological development (not to mention the ever-expanding start-up ecosystem) makes it a significant challenge for many organizations to identify and execute the right innovation they so desperately seek.

Today’s generation of computer science engineering students are highly entrepreneurial, with a passion for solving complex challenges and creating dynamic change. Disruption and innovation are at the core of their worldview. Yet, understanding how to solve complex problems requires years of professional experience working at the top.

By combining Nav Talent’s experience working with outstanding software engineering students and disruptive startups, with Amrop’s 40 years of experience advising the world’s most dynamic organizations on talent management challenges, we identified a unique synergy that aims to address both ‘sides of the coin’ – in a way that ignites true innovation and learning for the students, the CEOs and the organizations.


  • Who can apply for the N Fellowship?

    N Fellowship is open to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who are either studying fields related to software engineering (e.g. computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics) or who have in-depth knowledge of software development.

  • What are the start and end dates?

    The exact start and end dates as well as the duration will depend on your CEO preference. There will be alternatives starting in June and July, lasting for 6 to 10 weeks.

  • Who are the CEOs and how do you select them?

    The CEOs will be announced in early-January. CEOs are selected from Amrop’s hundreds of partner companies in 55 countries.

  • How do I get paired with a CEO?

    If you are selected for an interview, you will be sent a list of our partner CEOs and will be asked to rank your preferences.

  • Are all CEOs based in the U.S.?

    Our partner CEOs are based around the world, in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • Will I get paid?

    As a participant, you will be paid a stipend for the fellowship period. In most cases, that stipend should cover expenses related to travel and accommodation, as well as daily living expenses. In some cases, travel and accommodation may be covered separately, depending on the country and company placement. Stipends and cost coverage will also be dependent upon local legislation, terms and conditions.

Application Timeline

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Following selection of your written application, you will be sent a list of our partner CEOs and will be asked to rank your preferences. You will then have an interview with the Nav Talent team and, if successful, will have a final interview with the Amrop team.

  • November 17: Application Opens
  • January 15: Application Deadline
  • January 5-25: Interview with Nav Talent team & rank CEO preferences
  • January 25 - February 10: Final interview with Amrop team
  • February 10 - 15: 10 selected candidates meet their respective CEOs
  • February 15: N Fellows announced